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I just an ordinary girl. I love to listen to songs that remind me of something or someone or songs that fit my life. When hear me sing a song, that show whats on my mind. And, i love to have a lots of new friends. ^_^ Sy cuma gadis biasa.Sy ske dgr lagu yg mengingatkan sy ttg sesuatu @ seseorang @ lagu yg gmbrkan situasi smase sy. Lagi 1, sy SUKA BERJUMPA KAWAN BARU. ^_^

Friday, 24 May 2013


I always listen to a word, " never leave a guy that love u for a guy that u love." Well i think its the truth.. Funny right when i as a girl say that? well, its not that strange actually.In reality, i just in love with the idea of i falling in love with a prince charming that pick me up with his white horse but i know its fairy tale. I mean in real life, the LOVE EACH OTHER STUFF REALLY EXIST and its so good u know.I keep looking in the real world, and i realize sometime the person that love us is much more worthy than a guy that we love. let me tell u why u shouldn't go for the guy that u love if u already be in relay with a guy that love u so much.. Is it out of pity? NO SUCH THING AT ALL!

 Girls, guy that love us will always stick by our side..loving us,..their love toward us make them loyal to us and accepting us for who we are. They will always adore us and accepting us. And cz they r the one starting to love us first, they rarely i mean RARELY cheat on the girl. y? cz she is the girl of his dream and having her making him happy enough and content already. But guys that we love? what is the guarantee he will love us back the way we love him which cause us losing a guy that treat us like a queen? i mean yup, he might love us that much too, but how much is the possibility? And what is the guarantee they will cherish our sacrifice and care enough about us and accepting our flaws? I don't say he is a jerk or douchbag okay..i mean, if u willing to leave a guy that love u so much for him, what make u so sure he won't leave u after he met the girl he love?

 I know 1 thing..i always adore a guy that can accept me for who i am..i can act freely with him, talk and share everything with him, and u know he accept and respect my family members. This kind of guy is the guy that fall on the " i love the girl" type. Cz they fall in love with the girl making them really open to all things about the girl. Idk about the rest of u but u know, i don't like the idea i need to change myself force my self to ensure i will always been love by the guy. All request need to be fulfil just to ensure he wont look to other girls.This kind of guy usually fall in the " the girl love me" type.. Do u realize that? honestly, when u try to keep up with the guy that u love demand, sooner or later u will be like realize u r tired and u r not so natural in front of him.. Me cant live with that for sure.

 About the love, u can nurture the love to the guy that love u so much. idk maybe i say dat cz i see 1 real life event that happen..this girl, a friend of mine put into this position..at first, she like " i can't do this..he kind and sweet but i don't like him.." and now she like " i love him so much.he is the best thing that have been in my life.". i don't want cz of i chasing after preety face boy or etc, i lose a good guy in my life.. i mean, if he can make u happy, what wrong with that? usually u will naturally change to please the guy instead of force ur self to do that. 

 but dont take this on the wrong way..If u try to love him and u still can't, dont force ur self..tell him honestly and try to minimize his heartbreak. i mean maybe u just not meant for each other.. i think so.. But nevertheless, never stick wit a guy cz his face, money, or fame but instead, stick with him if ur heart whisper his name, his personality caught ur attention and he suit and make u happy.  Hope we all gonna be happy someday. :) :)

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