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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A story. :D

    In this recent world, somewhere around in a country called Malaysia, there is a girl. Her name is Ira. Ira is a just like other person. She feel very blessed. she has little but good friends and she has a good family. However, Ira still feel a little bit lonely. She always dream and believe that she can find true friends from all around the world. She keep the hope in her heart and she keep praying that it will be come true.

    One day, when she going out to buy some stuff for her daily life with her friends, something knocked her heart to go to a bookstore. She keep pacing back and forth in the shops looking for something that can attract her and at last, she decide to buy a novel. When she go to the counter to pay for the book, suddenly, there is someone that work at the shop say hello to her and telling her there is a promotion and he give her a cd saying it is for free and he would like her to have it with a smile. With a bit of hesitation, she take the cd
and ask what is the cd is for. The shopkeeper say that the cd is a very fun thing to be explore. Hearing that word, Ira take that cd with a smile and she say thank you to the guy.

    As she return to her room, with a very excited feeling, she open her laptop to explore the cd. She wanna know what is so fun about the cd. when she click run the program, there is an installer that been install in her laptop. After a while, the program successfully installed, she saw a launcher. She eagerly click the launcher and set up everything. After every procedure required complete and she ready to explore it, she click the start button and.....

    Ira see herself pulled into a virtual world..a very beautiful virtual world. She is so excited.. Before she even begin her journey, there is a nice guy asked for a trade.without knowing anything, innocently she click "" Accept trade" and she suddenly find herself with a very nice earring. She so shocked and the person that gave it to her, " go ahead.sell the earring so u can get money to make it easy for u to complete the quest as u can used the money to buy stuff." Ira is so astonish with the fact as someone she just met, being so kind to her. She said thank you and she feel really touched.

    As she continue her quest, she meet a tons of peoples and most of them are so nice and kind to her.
She is so happy but she haven't found true friends around the world like she wished for yet. She continue her journey in hope her wish will come true.

   Then, suddenly during her mission, when she try to re-alive herself and she failed, she realize that she finished up the item needed which is feather. Therefore, she start on a quest to look for the feathers. While she looking for it, she asked everyone but no one can help her. When she almost give up, she find a guy called Tadaas that answer her question. Feeling grateful, she say thank you. Suddenly Tadaas offer her to join a guild and it making her feel the feeling of  touched and joy, she say " if u will have me join, i will be honor to join it. " and she joined the guild called "Cookies".

   In the guild, she meet a lot of nice and genuine peoples that is super nice to her and treat her kindly and accept her with warm welcome. Some of the peoples are Baby, Neko, Tadas, JD, Kaochan, and so many more. She feel so so happy and she realize her wish has come true.  Everyday, she get more and more interact with them..Then as time fly, she realize she has find true friends that come from all around the countries. As example, Baby come from the Arabian Land, Neko come from Netherland, and Kaochan from Vietnam and so many more. Not only that, she also meet friends from her own country too. She never believe that she is so so lucky to find all these peoples, and be friends with them, and get to know them. Since that day, she never stop thinking about them. Even though she never meet them in persons but they still treat her nicely and she really touched by that. Every single day she feel excitement to know them more to chat with them since she already adore them and fell in love with the friendship that they offered her the first time she entered the guild. Ira never stop thinking, maybe peoples say  it so impossible to find true friends through virtual world but she felt it and through that beautiful virtual world, she found another side of happiness and she never stop praying the friendship will last forever. She so happy and glad that she take that cd that day cause it change her life.

    Thinking this story has end? No, actually it not end yet..don't know why but for ira, its just not the end of the story. Instead, it just the beginning of the story for her and she never tired to keep guessing how interesting and fun story it will be.. :D <3


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